Dual Purpose Terrain Competition Entries

This competition was organized by Ashton who specified the following criteria:

The idea is to create a piece of terrain that functions as something else. By "terrain" I mean that it has to use terrain-building techniques to create an entry that could fit on to a wargamming/miniature table.

The competition was won by dragonflies7033

  • #37
    DM Screen Facade
    by dragonflies7033 (1st)
  • #34
    Mordheim Dice Tower
    by Ashton (2nd)
  • #197
    Clock Tower/Dice Tower
    by GeoLinna (3rd)
  • #32
    Bird Boxes
    by AndySlater
  • #63
    Kishkumen's Sea Container/Periscope
    by Kishkumen
  • #195
    Dice tower periscope
    by Caleb