15cm/6in Base Competition Entries

This competition was organized by nealcrankshaw who specified the following criteria:

You may build whatever you like but you must comply with these restrictions:

1. Your final entry must be on a base that fits inside a square 15cm x 15cm (6" x 6"). Your base does not have to be square - it can be any shape but that shape must fit inside the dimensions. There is no maximum height to the model. The only restriction is to the base "footprint".

2. You must use a toilet paper roll or a Pringles tube in your entry. Toilet paper roll in this case also refers to the longer version that is used in kitchen towel roll. You can use both and you can use more than one but you must have at least one somewhere. You don't have to have a complete tube. You can cut into it, you can section it, you can do what you want with it.

The competition was won by Ariss

  • #91
    Refinery Remnants
    by Ariss (1st)
  • #92
    Batch Silo
    by nealcrankshaw (2nd)
  • #93
    by Longshanks (3rd)
  • #94
    Ruined Temple and Pipe Organ
    by DarthJason
  • #95
    Ventilation Stack
    by Hank Cowdog
  • #96
    Communications Relay Tower
    by kaarem
  • #97
    Thermal Vent Stack
    by PTI:TS
  • #98
    Underhive Terrain
    by Eazy-O