Moving Parts Competition Entries

This competition was organized by jmodule who specified the following criteria:

This competition is about demonstrating a technique to make a moving part as a significant part of your entry. Credit for the idea goes to Schasse, and he describes it as "...something in the [piece] has to be able to move, like a gate, a door, a lift, a drawbridge, window, trapdoor, etc."

Possibilities are for a part that is hinged, rotates, slides, etc. Simple might work, but I'm looking for techniques that everyone can learn from. So I'll be voting for the one that shows off the builder's engineering abilities.

The competition was won by AndySlater

  • #186
    by AndySlater (1st)
  • #66
    Stationary Fearless Flora
    by MUMSY (2nd)
  • #65
    Flowing lava
    by grumpy one (3rd)
  • #187
    Submerged Cannon
    by Aurebesh2
  • #188
    Floating Rock Bridge
    by ghetti