Obstacles Competition Entries

This competition was organized by AndySlater who specified the following criteria:

The competition was start by Phil who unfortunately had to drop out of running it due to personal circumstances.
Phil wanted members to build an obstacle i.e. something that would count as difficult or impassable terrain. When Andy took over the running of the comp, he re-specified this as "something that impedes movement either naturally or by design".

The competition was won by _si_

  • #219
    Improvised Imperial Barricades
    by _si_ (1st)
  • #204
    Putrid Boggy Swamp
    by MUMSY (2nd)
  • #207
    Mine entrance collapse
    by grumpy one (3rd)
  • #209
    Dragonteeth tank traps
    by Armoury-Terrain
  • #205
    Erik the Awful's Sylvanian Swamps
    by EriktheAwful
  • #208
    Road Blockage
    by Caleb
  • #210
    Jersey Barriers
    by Kishkumen
  • #211
    Neal's Hill with Cliff
    by nealcrankshaw
  • #212
    Orc Barricades
    by VulgarisMagistralis
  • #213
    Ork Barricades... Sorta
    by VirusSD1
  • #214
    Mordheim Barricade
    by Sir Patrick
  • #215
    World War 2 obstacles
    by Lunarion
  • #217
    Exigent99's Lava Flow
    by exigent99
  • #220
    Modular Ravine
    by crawley