Fire Competition Entries

This competition was organized by AndySlater who specified the following criteria:

The theme is for this competition was "fire". There had to be flames, and they had to be a significant part of the entry.

The competition was won by Bobbo

  • #223
    Hunt for Giant Carnivorous Moths
    by Bobbo (1st)
  • #222
    Glowing Fire Markers
    by ned-kogar (2nd)
  • #221
    Forest Fire
    by MUMSY (3rd)
  • #224
    Sean Khan's Finished (...) starships
    by Sean-Khan
  • #225
    Doll House Fireplace 1:12 Scale
    by Tob
  • #226
    Neal's Flaming Bunker
    by nealcrankshaw
  • #227
    GTTs fire markers
    by George T
  • #228
    General-Purpose Cellophane Fire
    by Kishkumen
  • #229
    Fire Altar
    by GeoLinna