Place of Worship Competition Entries

This competition was organized by _si_ who specified the following criteria:

Competitors were required to build an active and intact place of worship, or alternatively a neglected or destroyed religious building/shrine.

The competition was won by reasnd

  • #243
    Awaiting the Emperors Champion
    by reasnd (1st)
  • #238
    Neal's Hilltop Temple to the Star Gods
    by nealcrankshaw (2nd)
  • #241
    Adeptus Mechanicus Shrine
    by grumpy one (3rd)
  • #242
    40K Utility Tunnel Shrine
    by Smillie
  • #239
    shrine of khaine
    by kython
  • #237
    Erik the Awful's Necromantic Shrine
    by EriktheAwful
  • #244
    Maelstrom Cathedral
    by dylan
  • #245
    Effigy of Gork (or possibly Mork)
    by VulgarisMagistralis
  • #246
    Spawning Temple of Mage Priest Ecmazda
    by Cyreath
  • #248
    Portable Post Apocalyptic Altar.
    by mattblackgod