Disastrous Aftermath Competition Entries

This competition was organized by Bobbo who specified the following criteria:

Entries are required to show us the aftermath of some disastrous event.

The competition was won by Kishkumen

  • #254
    Helicopter Crash
    by Kishkumen (1st)
  • #247
    Oh no! They say he's got to go!
    by ConfusedDad (2nd)
  • #251
    Crashed Shuttle Canopy
    by Froggy the Great (3rd)
  • #249
    First there was a place . . .
    by grumpy one
  • #250
    Nuclear Aftermath for Ogre/GEV
    by Angus Khan
  • #253
    Aftermath of a Gully-washer
    by Aurebesh2