Water Competition Entries

This competition was organized by littlemonk who specified the following criteria:

For this competition the entries were required to model water.

The competition was won by Zaboobadidoo Sr.

  • #280
    The Zaboobadidoo River
    by Zaboobadidoo Sr. (1st)
  • #277
    Crumbling Water Architecture
    by havre (2nd)
  • #273
    Gregbag's Holy pool of water of life
    by Gregbag (3rd)
  • #274
    Radiated Desert Oasis
    by Mutt
  • #275
    Courtyard Fountain
    by GeoLinna
  • #278
    Derelict Park Pool
    by ned-kogar
  • #279
    Shantyside Industrial Drainage Ditch
    by Pyroz