Eating Establishment Competition Entries

This competition was organized by GeoLinna who specified the following criteria:

For this competition entrants were required to make a place where 'folks' eat. It had to be functional i.e. not ruined, and with evidence of it's function.

The competition was won by Angus Khan

  • #286
    The Atomic Cafe
    by Angus Khan (1st)
  • #284
    Orcs dinning room
    by Gregbag (2nd)
  • #289
    Sci-fi Galley/Canteen
    by AndySlater (3rd)
  • #281
    Roadside Salmonella (Dave's Dodgy Diner)
    by grumpy one
  • #282
    Bloody Bill's BBQ
    by BlainO
  • #283
    People ... the Other Red Meat!
    by sagh
  • #287
    Foragers' Camp
    by La Long Carabine
  • #288
    The black centipede.
    by scratchbuilder