One Inch Base Competition Entries

This competition was organized by Ashton who specified the following criteria:

Each entry must consist of between 2 and 10 objects, each of which would be able to fit on a 1" square base. The objects may not be joined or have anything spanning between them but should have a consistent theme i.e. no asteroids and treasure chests in the same entry.

The competition was won by Overlord

  • #58
    by Overlord (1st)
  • #49
    BOB's Dungeon Delights
    by Phil (2nd)
  • #47
    Egyptian Doo Dads
    by dragonflies7033 (3rd)
  • #42
    Erik the Awful's Wyrdstone Counters
    by EriktheAwful
  • #43
    Bivouac Markers circa 1774
    by Tob
  • #44
    Collectables from Super Mario 64
    by Aurebesh2
  • #45
    Treasure Chests
    by AndySlater
  • #46
    small Mordheim terrain pieces
    by Sir Patrick
  • #48
    Battlefield litter
    by Pylar
  • #50
    Warhammer 40k city stuff
    by Lunarion
  • #51
    Hank Cowdog's Destroyed Vehicle Markers
    by Hank Cowdog
  • #52
    Kishkumen's heavy weapons
    by Kishkumen
  • #53
    ghett's grappling hooks
    by ghetti
  • #54
    Caleb's Wyrdstone Markers
    by Caleb
  • #55
    Gavin's Random Battlefield Accoutrements
    by gmillar
  • #56
    Jakos Mordheim Terrain
    by jako
  • #57
    Tyranid spores and eggs
    by George T
  • #59
    Froggy's Modular Mad Science Machinery
    by Froggy the Great
  • #60
    Geolinna's tresure
    by GeoLinna
  • #62
    Ashton's Animosity Counters
    by Ashton