Finishing Moves Competition Entries

This competition was organized by Alabastero who specified the following criteria:

For this competition, entrants were required to resurrect a previously unfinished project and finish it off.

The competition was won by Zaboobadidoo Sr.

  • #610
    Wizard's Tower
    by Zaboobadidoo Sr. (1st)
  • #609
    Factory Building
    by TheRat (2nd)
  • #611
    A Forest of Pillars and Steam
    by havre (3rd)
  • #605
    Imperial Outpost Barracks
    by Redix
  • #606
    Modular fortificatons
    by Joertide
  • #607
    Ork Tower
    by TheDreamer
  • #608
    Stone Circle
    by pendrake