Reclaimed By Nature Competition Entries

This competition was organized by Thumper who specified the following criteria:

Entries had to show man/alien-made structures or improvements being reclaimed by nature.

The competition was won by Kishkumen

  • #630
    Paper MiG Wreckage
    by Kishkumen (1st)
  • #631
    Elven Monastery Temple
    by Zaboobadidoo Sr. (2nd)
  • #627
    Overgrown Train Tracks
    by AndyScrap (3rd)
  • #628
    Downed Sentinel
    by mrsquiglesworth
  • #629
    Disused Sewage Pipe
    by lahmianvampyrevenom
  • #632
    Overgrown ruined building
    by extraevildave
  • #633
    Lizardman Spawning Temple
    by Necron_UK