Elemental Union Competition Entries

This competition was organized by ableman33 who specified the following criteria:

Entries were required to prominently feature at least two of the classical elements of earth, air, fire and water.

The competition was won by Pete

  • #636
    A Boggy Board
    by Pete (1st)
  • #634
    Misery Bridge
    by Mars Radd (2nd)
  • #640
    Frost Shrine
    by Geolinna (3rd)
  • #635
    Lava Lake
    by Mars Radd
  • #637
    Rock Island
    by lahmianvampyrevenom
  • #638
    Lava Fissure
    by turbomagnus
  • #639
    Bromeliads... In The Swamp
    by turbomagnus