Resource Gathering Competition Entries

This competition was organized by Caleb who specified the following criteria:

Entries must show how raw materials are harvested or collected. This could be anything similar to mines, lumber camps, orchards, or even oil platforms.

The competition was won by dragonflies7033

  • #36
    Drilling Rig
    by dragonflies7033 (1st)
  • #200
    Fungus Farm
    by Warcat (2nd)
  • #201
    Dew Pond
    by grumpy one (3rd)
  • #33
    Moisture Condensers a.k.a. Vaporators
    by AndySlater
  • #35
    Basalt stone pit
    by Sir Patrick
  • #196
    Fishing Scene
    by VulgarisMagistralis
  • #203
    by Caleb