One Inch Base Competition Entries

This competition was organized by extraevildave who specified the following criteria:

Entries had to consist of at least four separate items, each on a base measuring no more than one inch across from edge to edge, and following a consistent theme of the builders choice. Entries with five or more bases were allowed to include a two inch base.

The competition was won by superscenic

  • #681
    Banners for Savage Races Ogre Kingdoms
    by superscenic (1st)
  • #679
    Supply Cache
    by extraevildave (2nd)
  • #678
    Palletized Cargo
    by Elderac (3rd)
  • #673
    Urban Items
    by Elderac
  • #674
    Elven Waystones
    by lahmianvampyrevenom
  • #675
    Deadly Plants and Fungi
    by lahmianvampyrevenom
  • #677
    Statues and Memorials
    by TheDreamer
  • #680
    A Taste of Chelsea
    by lahmianvampyrevenom