It must be at least 5 years since I first saw the Methada fortification over on Terrain Thralls but ever since I did I've wanted to build one. The original can be found here
I have been using my preferred cork tile instead of foam core for the walls because it's stronger and has a great texture but foam core is cheaper and as I'm running low on cork I'm making the lower halves of some walls out of foam core were it will be covered by the base rocks.

Some of the plans have been uploaded at too low a resolution and the dimensions are unreadable and in some the door heights don't appear to match the courtyard levels so I spent some time making my own sketches and even drew a 1:1 floor plan (the sheet of paper under the wip model).

Image: 20140103081432

Image: 20140103081451

Image: 20140103081508

I've just run out of hot melt glue so the last 2 sections will have to wait a day or so but tomorrow I should start on the base (acquiring a suitable piece of hard board was one of the main reasons I never got round to starting this project before).


I've been loving the piece over at Terrainthralls for as long and this version of it comes along nicely. A favorite with the original as well as with your build is the wedge shaped tower facing toward the courtyard. You now your way around the cork tiles too, sir.

Thanks Havre. I think we all owe Matakishi a big thank you on the subject of cork tiles.

Here's a few updates, it's now glued to the base and I'm starting on the floors. I've made the stairs hollow so they will take figures.

Image: 20140104202242

Image: 20140104202302

Image: 20140104202323


Most of the internal floors are now done but I stopped that to work outside on the surrounding rocks while the weather is fine since it's meant to turn wet tomorrow. Working with white polystyrene inside the house is not recipe for marital happiness even when married to a fellow model maker.

Image: 20140106024128

Image: 20140106024147

Image: 20140106024206

Once the PVA dries the rocks will be carved to resemble my desert ridge.

Sand applied to carved rock and all floors and roofs completed, tomorrow I paint it.

Image: 20140109040155

Image: 20140109040217

And the main doors are under construction, owning a table saw is a great saving on balsa as I can trim off thin slices of pine 4x2 as required.

Image: 20140109040343


Been a busy couple of weeks but here's an update. Base coat of paint on and rocks washed and drybrushed. I felt some of the rocks ended to abruptly at the base so I added some scree with model railroad ballast.

Image: 20140202232024

Image: 20140202232044


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Although this is not the kind of terrain I would build I'm in awe and very impressed. The colour looks amazing and the white foam cliff/rock is inspiring to all of us that don't have access to the pink/blue foam. Great job!!

Very well done!

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I am in awe! how many packs of cork did you go through?

Just 1 & 1/2 packs, you can see some use of cheap foam core on lower walls that are then covered by rocks so as to stretch my cork tile supply.


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