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Tyranids:Pimp my Polyp!

Surprised So, I figured a way to post images since my camera left for London ( ...and Hungary and Switzerland and France...).

As alluded(?) to in the technique forum, I had been smitten with the Nid bug and made two versions of polyps, as described in the TG Bits & pieces article by LuMi, Alien Polyps. The first wave differs in the spikey things ringing the top orifice; these were made with bent stiff wire.

post resin polyps

After gluing the wires in place, the innards were slush cast with Alumilite resin (with the pecan shell filler). While it might hold the universe together, duct tape performed poorly in the attempt to contain the resin. d'oh! Dremel to the rescue.

Some green stuff on the spikes, and these are ready for glue.

dual hive base post glue

The next batch utilize sprue spikes -thanks to T-G here, for inspiration. After casting some with a middle dowel that was sprayed with U.niversal M.old R.elease, the theory of easy removal met the reality of it being more hassle.

learning curve

The resin helped secure the spikes; gluing the hives to an overhanging base will further protect them from damage. (...in theory Rolling Eyes )

And, after patience and presence: Nids Galore!

ready for basing

Man, these already make me feel like I need to vomit (and I mean that as the highest compliment)! I can't wait to see what they look like painted!

Thanks for the "wretched" compliment, Munin. Laughing I think we all post on here to feed the ego a bit. -And now, I am satiated.

The next step: Nid Rock!

Nid Rock!

Placing the larger rocks tight in the indentations will give it the appearance of growth. It is a well-known fact about tyranids that their polyps sprout from rock piles that were placed over the seedling for protection until maturation. As the rocks are grown over, the bottom of the hives lay on these rocks, giving the inhabitants sore, aching exoskeletons which, in turn, cause a loss of productivity in the workplace and diminish social activity. Laughing
-Just kidding! -I don't even play the 40K game, never mind the faction!

After gluing the hive to the mdf base, I figured that some more holding power was needed, in the face of careless, barbaric gamer-types. So, another slush cast of resin down the hatch!

Adds to the flavour!

What I didn't consider was that as I hot glued the hives and pushed rocks into place, some glue was separated, leaving gaps. I truly missed my calling as a criminal defense lawyer; I can rationalize anything to the positive or negative. With green stuff to be added, these resin leaks would help define the pools of goo Silenced (soon to follow).

mind the gap(s)!

brushmarks said:

With green stuff to be added, these resin leaks would help define the pools of goo.

Another brilliant mistake-turned-feature save here at TG!

The resin gets scuffed to let the prime/goo/paint bite into it.

the hardest part...

and backside:

...is seeing it pre-painted

Dancing Whilest experimenting with different materials and techniques of constructing pools of goo, I received a welcome addition!


look closer:

Adds to the flavour!

-And I thought the polyp innards would contain the easter eggs!

Thumbs Up And I submit proof of my Nids-under-a-rock theory:

and the Easter bunny is real, too!

The extra mounds enlarge the number of Nid bases. Luckily, finished terrain is always welcome at game stores.....key word: finished.... Brick wall

Confused What was I doing next?...and where are my Nid hives?...Oh, look! -a new comp to enter!...
So, I experimented with my proto-type hive and used gesso:

Sploosch! -audible gesso application
As gesso dried, the hives were stippled to lend the 'rough skin' texture. A rogue thought trespassed the idea of making one set with scale texture....right after finishing 3 other impossible things before breakfast! Laughing

So disgusting and pretty at the same time and the Rice maggots are genius.

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