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Vampire Count Objective Markers

The idea for this is to make five objective markers for my Vampire Counts. I have three ideas so far this and am thinking about the other two, but the ideas thus far are:

1: Open spell book on stand
2: Pile of scrolls
3: Black Periapt

Any suggestions for the other markers would be fantastic, I have had a few other ideas but can't seem to locate materials for them or don't feel like they're detailed enough, like a glitter treasure pile which is a bit of both of those. Work will start in these either tomorrow or at the weekend Smile

Kinda cheesy I know but how about following the addage of eat and sleep or in other words - a sleeping virgin (eat) and a coffin (sleep)

I'm with Keldon. A coffin in 28mm scale would come under 30mm.

Keldon said:

Kinda cheesy I know but how about following the addage of eat and sleep or in other words - a sleeping virgin (eat) and a coffin (sleep)

All in good taste, my fanged friend. Nothing is too cheesy, not even pizza.

I have made some progress, not as much as I would have liked but still some progress.

First off, I cut my base squares, all 3 cm by 3 cm

Image: 20140716210240

Next I made a start on my black periapt. The base colour is black mixed with tin bits, followed by a couple of greys and a wash of black ink. I then highlighted with more shades of grey and up to white. Glowing to follow in the form of bright coloured crack patterns.

Image: 20140716210520

Next I started on my scroll pile. I made a number of fully rolled scrolls and one slightly open scroll, rolling off white paper on a cocktail stick then removing the stick and rolling tighter.

Image: 20140716210656

Next I made some seals on three of the closed scrolls using clay, these will be painted tomorrow once the clay is dry

Image: 20140716210837

Image: 20140716210845

Next, the remaining closed scrolls were tied with red sewing cotton, very fiddly work and made my wrist ache but was worth the effort.

Image: 20140716210941

Finally, I took a cocktail stick and black ink and made the impression of writing on the open scroll

Image: 20140716211046

I did attempt a coffin but can't seem to get it quite right, will make more attempts at this.

That's all with progress, in other news I am taking part in the Macmillan shave or style on Saturday. I'm cutting off my 12" long hair to raise money for Macmillan while my hair is also going to a good cause, the Little Princess Trust who help provide real hair wigs for children with cancer. Anyone who wants to sponsor me is welcome, not sure if I'm allowed to post this in my wip but here's my
sponsor page

Update time.

First up, the scrolls were finished, seals painted and positioned in a pile

Image: 20140729220525

I then added some ballast and picked out some sides in red or green to give the impression of painted plaster

Image: 20140729220611

Next I made the stand for my spell book. I decided to go for a magical stand consisting of a swirly upright on which the book will magically stand. This was made from a number of sections of floristry wire.

Image: 20140729221127

Next I made a (reasonably) decent attempt at a coffin by marking the centre and 1 cm from the top. I then marked .5 cm from the central line on either side at the top and bottom. I then marked 1 cm from either side on the cross line joining the marks to give my cutting template. Then I cut it out

Image: 20140729221510

I then made a rock out of clay on the base for the coffin. This will act as a lift to alter the effect of the coffin on the base.

Image: 20140729221559

Next I cut a thin strip of foam and cut in half the thickness. I cut two equal pieces and shaped one edge on each. I then reduced the thickness some more before and glued to a piece of card.

Image: 20140729222208

Finally I added a rectangle of foam to a base ready to add a virgin to

Image: 20140729222445

I'm hoping to have this almost complete tomorrow and will finish it off on Thursday ready for submission, hopefully fairly early.

Didn't make as much progress as I had planned today. I should still get this finished tomorrow, it will just be a little more of a push than I'd hoped.

First off, I painted the book white. I will paint the cover and add some "writing" to this before submission.

Image: 20140730220208

Next, I painted the rock for my coffin.

Image: 20140730220258

I then added a square of card and base coated my coffin.

Image: 20140730220334

I also base coated my book stand, I had hoped to have this finished today but more the fool me

Image: 20140730220438

Now for the thing that took the most time. The virgin. I will say now, I am not a sculptor and I'm far from a decent artist, but at least you know she is a virgin Laughing

Image: 20140730220716

Made it! Finishing touches were mostly painting and assembly which I think is pretty self explanatory. I think out of the pieces I'm most pleased with the coffin and scrolls with the spell book a close third. The virgin I'm not completely happy with, but not bad for my first attempt and the paint job makes her look a little attractive, if not to everyone's tastes. The black periapt is the least successful but I am happy with the veining that I achieved. All in all, not a winner, unlikely to place, but an acceptable entry that got a bit too close to the deadline for my liking, especially with work in the morning Laughing

Good luck everyone!

Great job finishing your entry. I hope this collection makes your Vampires happy.

It is a good effort and the voters will decide whether it is a winner or not. With only 4 entries, you stand a good chance of being in the top 3!

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