Okay, here goes attempt #x:

La bastion de desperation

First up, cut the base

Yes, plus more to complicate

After grinding the edges, a center piece and four edgings with two add-ons.

A devil to bevel

And the vision that started this:

Why can't these ideas just stop?!?

Now, the easy part Laughing

Why is it cut into pieces like this? Do you plan to remove defensive barriers during the game or is it just to allow the center piece to be used without the fortifications?

@Asdel: "Patience, my Precious!"
Laughing Laughing

As I've cut four pieces at once'st (as my Amish acquaintances would say), the modular description and your wise query 'spoiler the tease' for a future post. Here be a bit more:

As told to Jodie Foster...

Now, for the base cover...(then, the partially covered junk and then, the recently moved junk)

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