"Howard Johnson is right about Olsen Johnson being right!" We need to congratulate the winners of this comp! Applause

The sheer effort of rolling and shaping all of those sandbags reminds us of the dedication required to complete (-and I'm very un-familiar with that word) any work -and here be a winner chosen by his peers!

Congratulations, Dreamer. Great and deserving entry! While it could be critizised for not having any focal points, it rightly leaves the focus on the models of the game. Great example of the use of clay, and I salute your use of twigs. Too few dare venture into nature to use material occuring there. One tip: I saw somewhere someone rolling the sandbags into a piece of textile to engrave the right texture.

chump-change, this was a close race. Your deserving piece could have won in my eyes if it weren't for the somewhat dark main photo. Avoid direct sunlight when taking a shot do avoid too dark shadows. I have nothing but respect for a fellow plaster caster.

Yet another interesting piece from theDreamer is the medieveal stuff. The barricades are great - nice idea with the no-more-nails! The ill itself is a bit below your ability with too much of the foamcore sillouette showing through and old school flocking. Some spackle to hide the foamcore and some different shades of flock might lift it.

Wingtail, sorry you didn't finish. Great touch with the bark-outcrops and wheel marks in the mud, but you need such marks to go parallell to pull it off. Next time, you could use an axle with wheels only, wet it and roll it. And try to avoid blitz. It really flattens the image.

Bushmarks, interesting idea and great start. Looking forward to se the progress elsewhere.

Welcome back, Vampirevenom! Looking forward to se the progress of your project.

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