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Ideas for criteria 2014

Hybrid Comp Comp!

Fire Comp + One Inch Base Comp = One Inch Fire Comp

Not sure how serious I am about that.

Trading Places

Entrants must build some form of retail establishment, this could be anything from a roadside stall selling fruit or lemonade to a huge supermarket. They can even be bombed out as long as there is some indication that they are still open and trading (or trying to at least)

Came up with a couple ideas for Jul-Aug contest wanted to run past ya:

1. Reversible terrain. Ex: Modular road on one side, flip over and stream on other. House that converts to bombed out building. Houses for on table edge that can be turned around to have a different facade. Etc...

2. Choke points on the battlefield. Ex: bridge, ford, hole in wall, valley, etc...


cprljohnivey said:

1. Reversible terrain.
2. Choke points on the battlefield.

Both great ideas. It seems "reversible" is really more "dual-purpose" and I think a lot of people could find something to do here. Pieces for use in multiple scales, game tools that are also terrain, and meta-terrain would all fit under that umbrella.

The bottleneck idea is also cool. With all the roads and rivers we tend to do, everyone has the possibility for an objective choke point. I need another bridge myself.

Since my biggest obstacle when it comes to building terrain (and a lot of times the reason I disappear for extended periods since if I can't build it, I don't really feel 'involved' in the TerraGenesis community) is storage...

Storage Wars (No Relation to the show)
The terrain can 'fill out' to any size, but must either be storable in a container no bigger than eleven inches 'long' by eight inches 'wide' by six inches 'tall' or collapse (ala the old "Folding Terrain" comp) to a similar size.

(For those of us in the U.S., that's the size of a Medium Flat Rate Box from your local Post Office.)

Big Hole - Competitors build anything with a large negative space, real or implied.

Copse - Competitors build a stand of trees on a 6" base.

LED - Haven't done this in awhile.

Mirror - Competitors build a terrain piece incorporating a mirror.

I really like the electrification idea, especially since I have an Associate's in electrical engineering...

...but I have an idea that's similar to the A to B competition, except that the intended path and/or method of movement is hindered, blocked, or made impossible, like a recently destroyed bridge, a dammed-up navigable waterway, or a ship sunk in said waterway in a sufficient manner to block passage, a boat lift with a snapped sling or missing a wheel, a washed-out mountain path, a scrambled, sabotaged, or ruined portal, a caved-in or clearly booby-trapped tunnel, etc...

Vacuum-Formed Plastic:

Re-use vacuum-formed plastic packaging (candy trays, baked goods packaging Hot Wheels blister packs, etc) as a major part of terrain. The sheer variety of these means anyone can make something whether organic, mechanical, futuristic, modern, fantastic, or historic.

And, by masking clear plastic before painting, clear spots can be left for LED lighting to emerge from.


If there's enough time before the switchover, we could have an End Of The World Comp so this can go out with a bang!

Enter anything, judge on any criteria, just do whatever!

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