Toll BridgeThis is a more advanced construction than my walkways or my archaic bridge. It was made for a particular Necromunda scenario, Toll Bridge, and really works - it revolves, and the platforms extend and retract.


  1. For the base: a square of 10mm plywood or Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

  2. For the pillar: a plastic tube (eg plumber's waste pipe), piece of broom handle or similar

  3. For the platform: Plasticard and plastic rod shaped like a capital "I" in cross-section

  4. For the bulkhead: Thick plasticard (about 3mm)

  5. For the details: Bits of electrical gadgets, as for archeotech hoards

  6. Small gauge chain from cheap jewellery or a modelling store


Cut a strong and heavy base approximately 6 inches (30mm) square

If you want your bridge to rotate you will need to find a bearing from somewhere to fix between the base and pillar - I used the bearing from a broken 5 1/4 inch disk drive. Fix this to the base.

Cut the pillar to the required height - if using for Necromunda ensure that it aligns with on of the floors of your buildings.

If you do not want extending platforms on your bridge you can cut the platform to your required length and fix to the top of the pillar. Use the plastic rod in I-shaped cross section to glue to the underside of the platform to strengthen it.

If you want the platforms to extend at each end like mine do then the construction is a little more complex. The sliding platforms slide in and out in the slot in the centre of the I-shaped plastic rod. Construct the centre of the platform by gluing 2 sheets of plastic card to 2 pieces of the plastic rod to made a hollow section like the sleeve of a matchbox. Space the plastic rod so that the plastic card for the platform extensions slide in and out. Viewed from the end this will look like this: I----------I.

Toll BridgeThe bulkhead in the centre of the bridge is scratch built from plastic card. The reinforcing pattern is cut from thin plastic card (or margarine tub plastic) and glued on. Rivets can be pushed into the thin card using a blunt point such as a pencil. Stick it on with the 'rivets' sticking out. As an alternative you could use a bulkhead from Necromunda that has a door in it.

The bridge platforms have panels glued on them. These are thin plastic card (or margarine tub plastic) that have been scored and folded from corner to corner to make a cross. Turn them over and glue to the platform with the creases uppermost.

Chain is fixed through small holes between the bulkhead and platform.

Toll BridgeThe base of my bridge was decorated with all sorts of 'technical-looking' bits, including a broken disk-drive motor, transformers and electrical circuit bits, and even Christmas tree lights! (They are the four big spiky things). I used a circuit board gadget as a door control on the bulkheads. Finally I fixed wires in various places and painted them bright colours.

The bridge was painted by spraying black and then gradually dry-brushing with silver. It was washed liberally in chestnut wash diluted 50:50. Heavy rusting was painted on here and there in neat chestnut wash. The pillar of my bridge is dark blue. Black and yellow hazard stripes have been painted here and there.

Toll Bridge

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