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Fortified Outpost

OutpostNik Katsabas used an ingenious hot-wire cutter technique to turn out this nicely made fortified outpost. Workmates at the ready? Then we'll begin...

Some time ago I saw these bunkers or outposts or whatever on the web. The image stuck in my head and one day a bunch of ideas congealed in my brain and I stumbled on this great way of cutting foam. If you have access to a Workmate or some similar device you must try it.


  1. Four pieces of foam about 10" x 6" x 1" (for the building and some more for the hill

  2. Redi-Patch (ready-mixed filler)

  3. a [link=../reference/hotwireFP.html|hot wire cutter]

  4. scraps of card

  5. Black & Decker Workmate (No really, it makes sense! Bear with me)


Outpost from aboveFirst I thought out how many levels I wanted to have (in this case 4) then I drew out a floorplan for each floor, on scrap pieces of card.

Last I took the wire cutter up through the bottom of the Workmates table and fixed it into place with just the wire (and the metal arm) sticking up through the crack. It's important that the tube handle butts up against the underside of the tabletop because this keeps the whole thing square. Next, using masking tape, stick the card floorplans to the pieces of foam. Switch on the wire foam cutter and start cutting using the hard pieces of board to trace the shape in the foam. Glue the four pieces together, let dry, "trowel" on the redi-patch and viola! Ready for painting and mounting on a hill (if you choose to do so).

Fortified OutpostI estimated that once the floorplan template had been cut out I could make one of these in 3 hours. I plan on testing that theory with 2 other designs I'm working on right now.

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