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Gun Emplacement

Gun EmplacementSalvatore has constructed this amazing gun emplacement from simple materials, in true TerraGenesis style. A piece like this is an ideal focus for a mission or scenario, and Salvatore has a datafax for anyone who is interested.


  1. Foamcore

  2. 1" foam insulation

  3. Frozen food cardboard (to seal the exposed foamcore edges)

  4. 5mm doll eyes

  5. 2mm seed beads

  6. Plastic rod

  7. 5/8" brass rod (about 8" long)

  8. Thin gauge wire

  9. 1/35 scale tread plate

  10. 1/72 scale tank wheels (for the bulkhead handle)

  11. Medical bandage

  12. PVA

  13. Flat green spray paint (I used Testor's medium green)

  14. Flat black acrylic paint


Gun EmplacementI originally planned on mounting this structure onto a 1/32 scale tank as a mobile planetary defense gun. Instead, I decided to go with a stationary design (the tank model is now a Blood Angels superheavy conversion!).

The entire 7" tall building rotates on a 10" square base of foam insulation (painted to look like concrete). The building itself is simply a foamcore box glued onto a 7" diameter disc of foam insulation. A 1"x2" square hole was cut into the sloped side for the gun barrel to slip through.

Gun EmplacementA 3/5" brass tube was glued onto a foamcore triangle to form the gun barrel assembly (see picture). The gun barrel assembly was glued to the disc and spray painted with Testor's medium green.

The building was assembled, spray painted and glued to the disc. I brushed on the black camoflage pattern next. An airbrush would have been handy for this step.

I could have bought commercially-made camouflage netting. Its threadbare, unrealistic look and high price prompted me to improvise. So, I sprayed some medical bandage medium green and drybrushed it.

Camouflage netting Gun Emplacement

This is a functional terrain piece designed for large WH40K battles. The datafax for 2nd edition is below, and Salvatore will add 3rd edition rules when he's adapted them.

A further example by Neal Crankshaw

Neal made this superb model after being inspired by Salvatore:

Gun Emplacement Gun Emplacement Gun Emplacement

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