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Fortified Gothic Tower

Fortified Gothic TowerThis fortified tower by Jon Enge would be equally at home in a Sci-Fi or fantasy setting. It's a great example of foam core construction from a new modeller to TerraGenesis. Over to Jon:

This is the bunker tower I've been working on, it seems like, forever. I based it partly on a tower bunker that they had in White Dwarf when the Dark Eldar first came out, and partially on the Gothic Church on TerraGenesis.

Tools and Materials

  1. Foam core
  2. Mount Board
  3. Leather punch
  4. Styrofoam
  5. Four Halloween skull rings


The main building you can see here. It is made from mostly foam core. The spikes on the platform are from made out of mounting board. I used my leather hole punch and made holes, then cut the spikes out with scissors (you can see a diagram of this in the Gothic Church project). The spikes at the base are made the same way, but with cereal box cardboard. I cut the door out of mounting board and glued it onto one of the walls.

Fortified Gothic TowerThen I had some Plastruct plastic strips. I cut those to size and glued them to the door with super-glue. Then I took the same plastic strips and used my leather punch to cut out rivets. I made a bunch from a medium sized punch and a bunch from the smallest punch. I glued the big ones on first then, I glued the small ones in the center of the big ones. And oh yeah, the cross thing in the middle was from a "He-Man" chest plate I had laying around from my childhood!

I cut a piece of screen and put it down on the platform. Then I framed the screen with plastic strips and made rivets just like on the doors and framed the platform using the same process as above. I got some plastic skull rings from Michaels around Halloween and glued those on the side, originally to hide the join, but it ended up turning out looking really good.

Finally, I needed some holes for my guys to shoot out of. I should have cut them out first, but I didn't expect it to go so well on the first shot. Anyway, I took an eraser and coloured the end of the eraser, then used it as a stamp on three of the walls. Then I cut along the lines with an exacto knife.

Well, the construction's done... let's move on. (Geesh!)


Fortified Gothic TowerWhen I was done with the basic construction I decided I needed to make the tower on a raised platform to allow the stairs come up to meet it. So, I cut out 3 layers of foam core, and one layer of mounting board and used it as a riser. I took a clip board and cut off the clip part to use as the base. Then I glued the riser down with hot glue. After that was ready, I glued the tower to the riser. And then I glued the stairs in place.

Now came the hard part. I had to make the tower look like it was on top of some sort of rock rise. I took my hot wire cutter and cut some long rectangles of styrofoam. Then, leaving one 90 degree angle, I made a rock face on one side. The rocky base is actually made up of 9 different foam pieces. I glued them to the base around the bunker.

When this was dry there were huge cracks between the pieces of styrofoam. I knew I was going to cover the whole thing with filler, so this was no big deal.

So that's what I did. I filled in the cracks with filler and stippled the entire bunker/rock structure with filler. When it had dried I sanded down the bunker because I wanted to get a concrete look to the whole piece.

I then covered the base with PVA glue and sand. Then sealed the sand with watered down PVA.

I was just about to start painting, when I realised it needed something just a bit more. I consulted one of my friends, Eric, and he recommended some ammo/gun crates. So I made them out of mounting board. They're 2cm wide, 4cm long and 1cm high. When I cut it all out I glued it together with super-glue. When dry I glued match sticks to the tops of the boxes and waited for them to dry. Then cut off the excess... then I got to painting.

Painting and finishing

I started with priming... gotta prime everything. Then I painted the rock base in a very dark grey craft paint. Highlighted in lighter greys and finally white. The tower was painted a medium grey, then drybrushed in lighter grey and a lot of white. The base ended up looking too much like the tower, so I drybrushed over the white with the lighter grey.

Fortified Gothic TowerI wanted the door to look really nice, like this was an active outpost, and the place was well taken care of. So, I painted the whole thing black and drybrushed it all in boltgun metal. Then I drybrushed the highlights with Mithril Silver. It came out GREAT! Especially the cross on the door.

Fortified Gothic TowerI painted the base green and drybrushed yellow for a really nice plush grass color that I use on all my stuff. I had glued some kitty litter down when I glued the sand to the base, so I painted it up just like the base to give a rocky land kind of feel. All of my terrain has bits of this around. And finally I added some Woodland Scenics "Field Grass" as thrushes.

Here you can see the detail of the top of the tower. Note the screen, plastic strips and rivets that I told you about earlier.

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