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Epic Scale Fencing

Epic scale fencingChain-link fencing is one of the easier details to make for Epic scale models.


  1. Small scale mesh fabric. If you can bring yourself to do it, go to a fabric shop and look at the net material that they sell for curtains and things like tutus for ballerina costumes and fancy dress. It is perfect for epic scale fencing! If your ego can't take it then you are going to have to find a wife or girlfirend to do it for you (shame on you!).

  2. Small scale spring or fusewire for razor wire. I use a bouillon (see materials section. Unfortunately this will require you to visit a needlework shop as well as the fabric shop). Alternatively try wrapping thin fuse-wire around a piece of plastic sprue or similar to make a spring of wire.

  3. Card or foam card for the bases

  4. Flock, sand or gravel for the bases

  5. Matchsticks or plastic sprue for the fence posts.


  1. Cut the foam card into sausage shaped sections for the bases of the fence

  2. Decide how high you want your fence to be and cut your fence posts to this height.

  3. Dip each matchstick in a blob of PVA glue and stick them to your bases at about 2 to 3cm intervals. Allow them to dry.

  4. Cover the bases with glue and sand, and when dry paint grey and drybrush with a lighter grey. Paint the fence posts with Bestial Brown acrylic paint and when dry drybrush with lighter brown to bring out the grain. The rougher cut the wood the better.

  5. Cut the net fabric to a length to go around /between your posts. Paint the net fabric black and allow it to dry.

  6. Fix the netting to the posts using superglue. Glue it to the first post and let it dry so that you can pull the netting taut over the remaining posts.

  7. Paint the netting by streaking it with silver paint. Put a piece of cardboard behind the netting where you are painting so that your brush doesn't stress the netting and break it from its posts.

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