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Fortified Asteroid

Fortified AsteroidFortress asteroids add a bit of variety to space battle games.

They could be static defence platforms or moving asteroid ships such as the Dark Angels fortress.


  1. Polystyrene (styrofoam) for the asteroid
  2. PVA Glue (White glue, school glue)
  3. Spaceship bits left over from miniatures


The asteroid is carved out of a block of polystyrene (styrofoam) with a craft knife. The buildings are made from left over Battlefleet Gothic bits and pieces, and various Epic and Spacefleet components. These are glued into place.

The rough boulder effect is then achieved by applying polystyrene cement (model-kit glue) liberally over the polystyrene. This melts it and gives the craggy effect. The asteroid is then sealed with PVA glue before spraying black.

Finish the asteroid off by painting with brown (but leaving black in the deper crevices) and dry-brushing with lighter brown. The buildings were just dry-brushed with grey and detail picked out in colour here and there.

Using the asteroid fortress

We usually declare the asteroid to be a planetary defence platform or similar and use the standard Battlefleet Gothic rules. Alternatively you could make up your own rules, using the asteroid as a fortified Dark Angels base. I have made a lot of smaller asteroids in the same way and some of these are have small fortified bits added too.

One idea I'd like to try is to find a small clear dome - such as those that sometimes come out of gum-machines - and make a dome-city on an asteroid. So far I have only managed to find very small domes, but you never know...

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