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Well, cross, small house

Well, cross, small houseThe walls of this little house are constructed with foam card, the door is cut out, the windows are only painted.

The timber is made of small stripes of balsa wood and glued to the walls with P.V.A. glue. The rest of the wall has been painted with a mixture of water, plaster, P.V.A. glue and sand to get some structure to imitate roughcast.

The roof is constructed from black pasteboard and the shingles are cut from the same material (Tip: If you use black pasteboard or thicker black paper for the roof and the making of the shingles then you got no problem with little white areas or edges after painting).

It is also a good idea to paint parallel strokes onto the roof as a guideline for the gluing of the shingles, especially around the roof-extension.

The stones of the chimney are made one by one from modelling clay (EFA Plast) and stuck together. This hasn't been the perfect material, because after drying the modelling clay lost a little volume and the chimney scattered in many pieces. I had to puzzle and then to glue it
together. On the other side, I think the chimney is the focal point of the little hut and worth the effort.

The painting is done with acrylic paints from Lukas Arts. The highlight are a result of much drybrushing.

Here are some more pictures of Elmar's work:

Well, cross, small house Well, cross, small house Well, cross, small house

Well, cross, small house Well, cross, small house

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