Jedi HovelWhat do Hobbits and Jedi have in common? A penchant for underground dwellings of course.

The base is foamboard, with a thin sheet of white foam on top. Externally this was carved, painted and flocked as one might for a hill. The stones are real rocks. The crops and trees are plastic wreath parts stripped off the center branch and stuck into holes. The antenna, that is fairly well hidden in the largest of the trees, is a weather sensor from a battleship model.

The more observant readers may have noticed the line where the roof comes off to reveal the interior. In fact the hovel is 3 separate pieces: the base, the roof, and a section that can be removed to reveal a secret room (hidden behind the wardrobe). The hardest part was fitting the pieces together as flush as possible.

The skylight (made of gum packaging) in the roof actually lights up the interior, which is visible through the 4 dome windows in front (also gum wrappers). The oval windows are convex bubbles that were fitted with trial and error.

Jedi Hovel Jedi Hovel

Most of the interior is elevated with a 3/4 moon shaped layer of foamcore so I could do a sunken living room effect. The furnishings are done mostly with scrapped model parts. I left a lot of them chrome because it seems to fit the Star Wars theme.

  1. Jedi HovelThe refrigerator is a carved piece of foamcore.

  2. The cooking range is a model truck battery and battleship searchlights.

  3. The sink is a chrome wheel that was cut nearly in half. It actually has a hole near the middle that looks like a drain.

  4. The potted plants are also slot car wheel rims.

  5. The rugs, wall hangings, and animal skin are printed on paper

  6. The game table is a set of aircraft wheels

  7. The toilet is a pair of mirrors glued to a pink base. Yes, pink. Like those tacky rugs people put in front of their toilets. This one is pink... I thought it would go well in the orange bathroom...

  8. The hot water heater is pen parts, the shower surround is ribbon cable.

  9. The vanity is also a chrome tachometer with a piece of foil gum wrapper for a mirror.

  10. The sleeping pod is a pair of chrome motorcycle model parts glued together. The inside is actually contoured like a sensory deprivation chamber, I could not pass it up.

  11. The secret room is a mix of helicopter model, pen, and truck parts.

N-Scale with interior detail is not easy! I think I will stick to larger exterior structures in the future...

Jedi Hovel

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