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Ranks - Explained

While many forums allocate ranks according to number of posts and length of membership, TerraGeneis let's members choose their own rank as a means of indicating how they would like their work to be assessed by others. The three ranks are Beginner, Competent, and Expert.

Beginner - Think of this as being a bit like an 'L' plate on the back of a car; it tells others that the driver is new to the road and that we should expect them to be a bit hesitant, make the odd mistake, etc, and that we should allow for that and give them the extra space and time that they need. In the context of TerraGenesis, a member who describes themselves as a beginner is saying: "I'm new to this hobby so please don't judge my efforts too harshly". Here on TerraGenesis we believe that beginners should be applauded for having a go and praised for what they get right with only a few gentle pointers about how they might improve their arts.

Competent - This can really only be described as being somewhere in between Beginner and Expert.

Expert - A member who describes themselves as "Expert" is used to being told "Wow, that's great" and although such comments are always nice to receive, these members have described themselves are Expert because they welcome constructive criticism and reasonable suggestions that might help them do even better.


The higher ranks are not an invitation to be excessively critical about another members work. Do not go out of your way to look for things to criticise and NEVER make a criticism without also suggesting how it could have been done better.

Always consider the style and ethos of the model maker. For example, there's no point telling a member who's likes to make cartoonish terrain using kitchen waste that a piece could be made more realistic (not his style) if he went out and bought specialist materials (not part of his ethos). A terrain maker who prefers and works in a given style is not going to be interested in hearing that you prefer something else. If you can tell him how to achieve better results in his chosen style, that's different and he'll probably welcome it.

Remember, that your chosen rank is intended to give others an indication of how you would like them to assess your work. If you make silly or unnecessarily critical comments about another members work don't expect them to treat you gently in their response to your comment.

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