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Personal Messaging 101

The TerraGenesis Private Messaging System (PM system) is designed to allow simple private communication between members.

Warning: Abuse of this system will not be tolerated.

Please note:

  1. TerraGenesis members are required to register a valid email address with us when they apply for membership. The System Administrator can access this address and the system itself will use it to forward messages, however it will not be displayed or given to anybody else.

  2. You can use the PM system to send a message to another member. The system will forward it to them as an email. You will not see their email address nor will they see yours.

  3. Because the messages are forwarded by an automated system, some spam filters (e.g. those at Hotmail) are inclined to think that they are spam. We suggest that you check that you can receive messages from our system by using it to send a message to yourself and checking that it arrives safely. If it ends up in your spam box, you need to adjust your filters.

  4. To reply to a message forwarded to you by the system you will need to visit the TG web site. You cannot simply reply to the email as the reply address will be a null system address and not the email address of the person who sent it.

  5. You must not use the system for any purpose which is generally regarded as abusive.

  6. If you receive a message that you consider to be an abuse, please contact the Site Administrator (TerraGenesis) immediately. The system keeps a records of all messages for a period of 14 days so that the Site Administrator can verify the contents of the message and act accordingly.

  7. The messaging system is a simple text system i.e. you cannot send attachments of any kind.

  8. It is NOT against our rules to include your email address in the body of your message and invite another member to contact you by email. However, you should understand that TerraGenesis plays no part in conversations that have been taken out to email. If another member invites you to contact them by email, you do so at your own risk. If you prefer not to reveal your email address then you should contact them via the messaging system instead. Should a member try to trick or pressure you into revealing your email address, you should report them to the Site Administrator.

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