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Why do I keep changing things?

Following a conversation I had earlier in the chat room I thought it might be worth explaining why I keep changing things. I'm aware that the forum is quiet at the moment and the changes are probably part of the reason for that (it's happened before). In truth: I get narked about changes as much as the next guy (I'm currently narked at Apple for changing the iTunes inter face again). Why don't we programers just leave stuff alone?

Well, there are two reasons:

One is that we're trying to improve things. Hopefully the new post editor is easier for folks to figure out how to post images, links, etc. How many times have we had folks, especially newbies, struggle with that?

The second reason, and this is a biggie, is that like or not the operating systems and programming languages that we use, continue to evolve. Leave it too long before you upgrade your code to accommodate those changes and you end up with your program turning into a dinosaur. You come to buy a new computer because the old one dies and your software just wont run on it.

TG is based on phpBB version 2... which is of date now. Consequently there are elements of the code that are out of date too. One aspect of this in particular is that I'm working on to do with the way that the PHP code accesses the MySQL database.

There will come a point when I'm obliged to upgrade the server on which the site runs, and as I suggested: the longer that's left, the bigger the change will be. Even at this stage a new server would have to run newer versions of PHP and MySQL. So if our code is using out of date techniques for the one to access the other: we're going to have problems.

So, pain in the butt that it can be, we have to upgrade or run the risk of our code turn into a dinosaur... and like I said: hopefully we can improve a few things at the same time. Smile

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