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Advertising Policy

Hopefully you read our Terms of Use when you registered as a member, and are already aware that TerraGenesis has a policy about where you may and may not post 'advertisements'.

Furthermore you should be aware that the posting of links to blogs and personal websites is regarded as advertising: you would be using TG to promote your blog or website i.e. advertising.

Why TerraGenesis Has a Policy on Advertising?

TerraGenesis was created as a repository for terrain making information. The forum was added in order to allow discussion. At no time was there any intention for it to be merely a directory of links to off-site resources... and that's what it would have become if all of the people who have contributed information to TG had chosen to do it on their own site and use TG merely to link to it. TerraGenesis is what it is today because of the many many people who have contributed to it.

We understand that some people will prefer to create their own website or blog rather than contribute to our archives. We also appreciate that those resources may be of interest to TerraGenesis' members. That's why we let people advertise them in certain forums.

At the same time however there are those members who, when they come to TG, want to stay on TG where they can comment and make suggestions about the things that are posted and engage in discussion with other TG members about them. Having forums where off-site linking is not allowed makes this possible.

Where is Off-site Linking Allowed?

Our home page lists all of the available forums and the intro text for most of them indicates whether or not off-site linking is allowed. Notable exceptions are.

The Announcements & Site Info

These are for topics relating to the running of the site so off-site linking is NOT allowed unless you are perhaps making a suggestion for some feature you've seen on another site that you think we should have.

Terrain Making Wiki

If you are reviewing a product or posting a project article that makes use of a product then you may include a link to the product or company that supplied it. In these instances please bear in mind that such links may break in the future; so try to post a link that won't break e.g. by linking to the suppliers site rather than the specific product in their catalogue.

Competition Forums

It is a requirement of the competitions that all WIP information is posted on TG; so clearly you must NOT post off-site links to additional WIP information. However you may post links to products that you have used. You may also post off-site links that related to suggestions that you are making to the competitor i.e. products and reference material that you think may be of use to them. Note that such off-site linking will be monitored and anybody found guilty of repeatedly looking for opportunities to promote something, especially if that's all they do on TG, will be reprimanded.

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