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Subscriber Membership

Subscriber Membership, an enhancement of Registered Membership, was introduced on 25th September 2013 to help fund the site. The idea was/is that members who subscribe get enhanced features.

How it Works

Registered Members, or those who are already subscribed, can add "days" to their "day count" using the Subscription Payment Mechanism. Their count is then decremented at the rate of 1 per day. So long as their count is greater than zero, they get the enhanced features.

What are the Enhanced Features?

As I write, the counts are not being decremented in order to give me time to create some of the enhanced features. We will begin decrementing on 1st January 2014.

  1. Corny though it may sound, the main thing a subscriber gets is the knowledge that they're contributing to the site's running costs. However they also get this: How cute us this? cute little piggy bank award icon for the duration of their subscription.

  2. An enhanced keyword search that can search on multiple keywords with boolean operators.

  3. The ability to search forum topics and posts using a boolean search.

  4. Topic Watching i.e. being sent email notifications when a topic that you are "watching" has been posted to.

  5. Additional sorting and filtering options on most list pages e.g. the ability to list topics by title and/or show only those beginning with a specific letter of the alphabet.

  6. An enhanced member list view with avatars.

There will be more and I'm open to suggestions for anything else that would enhance the subscriber's experience of using TG.

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