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Dungeons and dragons terrain

So after quite a while without building terrain, or doing much with miniature gaming, it appears I am back at it.

My fiance expressed interest in playing Dungeons & Dragons a while ago, and now we've got a group of 8 players gaming about every two to three weeks.

We were initially playing on hand drawn paper maps, then one of the members of our group bought one of those chessex gaming mats that you draw on with dry-erase pens.

I brought out some of the old miniatures I had so that we could keep track of things a bit better. Well, now we want all sorts of miniatures and props to make our adventures more visually appealing.
I think it will help us get more into character as well.

I wanted to make a set of modular tiles so that I could build rooms of various sizes as required. I started by cutting out various shaped pieces of 1/8" plywood. I then affixed some black foamcore to the wood and marked out a grid.

Image: 20140826061300

Image: 20140826061433

Image: 20140826061504

Image: 20140826061524

Image: 20140826061543

I traced the lines with an xacto knife, and widened the gaps using a dull pencil. I peeled off the paper (seems the black foamcore has tougher paper) and textured by rolling a crumpled up ball of foil on it.

Nothing new, nothing revolutionary, but it's been a while since I made any terrain, and I am sure rusty.

We've started making various different doors, and pieces of furniture. I made a fountain as an experiment using glow in the dark pigments to create a magical effect (we play in dim light, usually).

Image: 20140826061913

Also, during our last game, there were issues with people talking over each other, and since I'm going to DM the next few adventures (we take turns running games) I wanted to make a sort of talking stick. Something where you can only talk if you're holding the stick. I opted to make something a bit stranger looking to keep things fun.

Image: 20140826062216

There is a bit more in the works. We're aiming for stuff that looks decent, and is quick to make. Some of the players are helping out and it is their first attempts at making terrain (I'm encouraging them as best I can). I'll likely add some pictures in the next few days.

Looks like you are off to quite a good start. I really like the doors. Are they hinged, or just fixed in a half-open position?

The doors hinge open.
The doors were glued to a toothpick to make the hinge.
I am not super happy with how they turned out, so next time we get together to make terrain I'll probably make a few more.

I think the doors look fine, but I do understand. When something is finished, you can always see what and how to improve something - our work is never done Smile

EDIT: Forgot to comment before, I love the Glow in the Dark Pigment you used! Has given me some ideas Smile

Nice job, thanks for sharing!
Oh, and as said before, the glow on the pool looks really cool.

Just snoodling about the forum and popped in to tell you congrats on the engagement and your work here is nudging me into building again. I like that glow-y magical looking pool. Nice effect!

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