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Terrain Making - workshops/courses

My husband has just started making his own terrain for his wargames. I'd like to get him a course or workshop as a Christmas present. Does anyone know of any terrain/castle making courses that are available?

Nothing immediately springs to mind, but there is a wealth of information here on this site. All the tips and tricks anyone needs to know are contained in these pages.

Terrain making is a pretty broad subject and a single comprehensive guide on "how to make terrain" would be as expansive as a guide on "how to make food" - there are as many ways to make a tree as there are ways to make a sandwich. As such, how anyone goes about making terrain will depend on many factors such as what kind of terrain, the game it's for, and locally available materials.

Terragenesis is going through something of a transition right now; a new website and archive are in the works. Activity around here is a little slow, but there are still people lurking who will answer any specific questions you might have.

As for a gift, is hubby working in foam? If so, a hot knife or wire cutter would be a great gift. These are very common tools for terrain makers, used for cutting and shaping styrofoam without the mess. Bags of reindeer moss, bottles of flock, and sheets of styrofoam also make great stocking stuffers.

The only classes I know of were presented at larger gaming conventions. It might be better to search for Terrain Building DVD's, or pay for a membership to Mini War Gaming. They have a lot of terrain tutorials available in their videos section with a paid subscription.

I would also second the hot wire cutter option. That's always handy.

Thank you, Tob and Melly.Monkey. Am grateful for the tips.

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