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Black Tree would like your help

I would like to introduce myself. I am John Olsen, President of Black Tree Design. This is my first time on TerraGenesis.

I have been actively involved in the Miniatures Business for over 30 years (ouch!) and have recently taken over the reins at BTD. We have an enormous range of Miniatures and are looking to the future. We are planning a great deal of expansion in 2015 and I would like your help. We would like to stock full range of gaming accessories including Terrain. What should we add? What are the best Paints? Brushes? Flock, Scatter, etc? Anything particular you think is a must carry. Your thoughts and suggestions would be really appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you.

John Olsen

btdjohnno said:

What are the best Paints? Brushes? Flock, Scatter, etc?

This question is too vague. It would be like me saying "I am starting a car dealership, what are the best cars?" The best cars for what? Racing? Transporting people? Fuel mileage?

If you check the projects, articles, and various old WIP threads, you'll notice that a great deal of terrain isn't made from "terrain supplies".

Terrain builders tend to source their own stuff, mostly because they are aware of the profit margins for "Game Brand" products. Why would we spend $5 on 2 ounces of GW or Vallejo paint when we can get 5 ounces of better quality Folk Art brand from Hobby Lobby for $3?

To top it off, the materials used most by terrain builders are things like sheets of styrofoam, foamcore, plaster, sand, etc etc; all things found much cheaper in big box home improvement stores - can't beat the bulk prices of Home Depot or Lowe's.

All that being said, the Bests are:

Best Paint: Folk Art by Plaid
Best Ink: any brand by Ranger
Best Brushes: Windsor Newton
Best Flock: tea, coffee, saw dust, etc etc.
Best Talus: local playground or pet shop if you need chinchilla sand
Best Glue: PVA, and lots of it
Most popular X-acto blade: #11
Most popular shingle material: cereal box
Most ubiquitous material: reindeer moss

Firstly decent customer service! I have ordered some stuff from BTD in the past and to say delivery was a little slow was an understatement which kind of put me off.

I think things have improved recently but if you google BTD there is a lot of negative comments on customer service issues which is a shame as there are some great figures in the range.

In regards to expanding some of the things that I think would be good to stock and seem to be popular at the moment might be:

Army painter paints and products - Seem to be very popular both paints, sprays, inks and hobby accessories. I own the whole paint and ink set I have no negatives with them. Not all UK suppliers seem to stock them.

Windsor Newton minature series 7 paint brushes.

Galeforce 9 hobby products.

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