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Term:  filler



Strictly speaking the term "filler" can be used for any material used to fill something and is therefore understood to mean different things in different contexts. Care should be taken to avoid misunderstanding. You wouldn't for example want somebody to fill your lunchtime sandwich with the same filler that they would use to fill spaces in a packing crate or to fill cracks in a plaster wall.
Even within the model making fraternity, the word 'filler' can mean lots of different things and should really be prefixed i.e. plastic filler, wood filler, plaster filler.
Terrain makers in the UK often use the term filler to mean 'plaster filler' as used to fill cracks in plaster when decorating, a material that our American cousins refer to as spackle. It is also known, in the UK and other parts of the world, by brand names such as Polyfilla.
Terrain builders often mix the powdered variety, which is basically a fine plaster, with PVA glue to improve its adhesion.

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