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Term:  hardboard



Hardboard is an engineered wood product, also called high-density fibreboard, and known by the brand name Masonite in the US.
Hardboard is made out of exploded wood fibres that are highly compressed without the use of resins or other additives to bind them together. Hardboard is produced in either a wet or dry process. The dry process results in both sides of the board being smooth while the wet process results in only one smooth side; the other having a vaguely canvass like texture.
Because of its strength, hardboard can be manufactured in thin sheets. There is no wood grain to worry about when cutting and it can be sanded smooth. Because there are no additional ingredients, there are no health concerns when cutting or working the product beyond those with natural wood. As with natural wood use safety glasses when cutting and a dust mask when sanding. Hardboard makes excellent bases for terrain though care should be taken to not saturate it with liquid (paint, glue, filler) as it can warp.

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