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Small Gaming Table

by Charles Traylor

Small Gaming TableCharlie made this gaming table to take modular sections for his Mordheim games. This is how he did it:


  1. Sheet of 4X4 foot 3/4 inch. (20 mm) Plywood.

  2. One pair of folding table Legs.

  3. One sheet of 4X4 foam board or insulation Foam.

  4. White glue (PVA)

  5. Sand and light gravel.

  6. Optional saw dust or Manufactured Flocking materials in as many colors as you can find.

  7. 16 feet of quarter round.

  8. Finishing nails.

  9. A foam Knife. A razor knife or even a bead knife will do.

  10. A cheese cutter type body working plane. A wood workers plane will do.

  11. A miter saw. Even a hacksaw will serve in a pinch.

  12. A hammer.

  13. A small drill will help but it is a option.


The first step will be to attach the folding legs to the bottom of the plywood sheet as per the instructions that come with the legs. I used 3/4 inch ply wood so that a table frame would not be necessary. The small drill will come in handy making a pilot hole for the hardware that comes with the folding legs. Try them out at this point and make any adjustments that might be necessary. This step will vary according to the brand of folding legs you use. I went looking for card table legs but settled on a brand that was on sale.

The next step will be to cut and attach the quarter round to the top of the tables edge. This is where the miter saw will come in handy to make nice clean joints. Of course you could skip this step. However, the point of the folding legs is to make transporting and storage easy. If you do not chose to use the quarter round edge the soft edges of the foam board will be damaged during storage and handling.

Now fit the foam to the top of the game table. If you use a 4X4 foot sheet this is just a quick trim up with the foam knife or razor. If you use scrap like I did this will be a little more work.

Now comes the fun part. Place your scenery collection on the table play with it until you are satisfied with your plain. Add any detail you like. If you choose to cut a river bed into the foam do so now. If you use blue board or some other brand of extruded foam, draw any cobble stones walk ways or road ways on to the board with a ball point pen. I was going to add hills to the board. However, I decided that the table would be more versatile if I did not glue them down.

The next step is to glue down the foam. I used Liquid Nails but white glue will work fine. When the glue is dry take the plane and bevel the foam to the quarter round. This will help cut down on damaging the soft foam table edges. Now it is time to base coat the table surface.

Small Gaming TableI used earth colored gray latex house paint and a power sprayer. A house paint brush will do fine.Sift some fine sand to the wet surface. It will stick well enough for this stage. Thin down some glue. Now paint walk ways and path ways on to the board. Sift some sand and small grave on to the walk ways and path ways. Make your river bed by panting the edges of the river bank with glue and adding sand and gravel.

You can go back and repeat this step until you are satisfied with the way the table looks. When the glue is dry paint and dry brush the table. Then flock the table to match your terrain collection.

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