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Battletech board

by Bill

Battletech boardBill has used all manner of junk and found items to make his Battletech board. Battletech is closer to Epic than 40K scale.

The entire look of my base is done after the fact of the planet that it is located on in the battletech world. The area of the planet where the base is located is very inhospitable, rocky and barren. The structures are made with this rock and therefore are naturally camouflaged easily. Those ones that are not of rock are painted to resemble the surroundings.

I used styrofoam extensively and almost exclusively because of its natural rough and rocky texture. Most of the pieces weigh next to nothing and are easily transported.

The terrain is undersized in scale for warhammer but we have used them and actually not many people noticed that fact. I will send some pics with mechs and space marines for scale comparision.

This is an overhead shot of 70% of the base pieces. The main boards in the middle of the pic are just styrofoam sheets that have the edges tapered on 3 sides and fit together with the depression on the right lining them up. There are several pieces set on top of them. I'm in the process of painting a large canvas tarp (15'x15') that will be under everything.

Battletech boardThis is one of the power plants. The base and over head pieces are styrofoam that has been covered with drywall tape to give it the look of hardened concrete to prevent overhead bombardment.

The actual generator is a circut board with 2 large switches added. I then bent several pieces of tubing that connects between the 3 main sections and gives it the look of having piping.

Battletech boardThis is one of the large underground access buildings. It is carved from a single piece of styrofoam. The guns on top are off of a battleship model. Every terrain builder should have at least 2 of them around as they are bristling with guns that fit into 25mm and epic scale quite nicely.

The best models are of the Bismark and the USS Missouri as they have the most weaponry. The above deck structures and even the deck itself come in quite handy.

This is a direct copy of your plant with many of my own features.

Battletech board

Battletech boardThis is the Special Forces Headquarters complete with multiple mech and vehicle bays, landing pad that will accomodate up to medium size dropships and it own internal power plant. Made from a solid piece of styrofoam and carved into the final shape. Many extras, especially electrical parts, make up the majority of the detail work.

The landing area is made from a piece of aluminum that I cut out on the NC router at work. The supports are standard I beam found in any hobby shop. The elevator on the side of the landing area is the fuel injection and intake section from a car model. The finned surface looks just like the large industrial lifts.

Battletech boardThis is the main communications array. The main structure is styrofoam covered with plasticard for better mounting of the equipment. The dish support is a cable connector topped with a switch that has had a small eliptical area sanded out to accommodate the dish more precisely.

The dish itself is half of a film canister. The secondary antenna is thin wire with a mech jump jet off of a early Phoniex Hawk.

Battletech boardThis is the main mech production facility. The styrofoam base was already formed. The large circular object is a fire alarm with a great feature, a slide out battery holder that when opened looks great.

The structure right next to it is an overturned wagon from one of those cowboy and indian play sets. ( See why my son stays upset with me!) At the ends of the piece are a transformer and a rubber floor protector from under my old desk. The other small pieces are all circuitry.

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