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Industrial City Boards #1

by Tim Skipper

This industrial city board by Tim Skipper would provide an excellent gaming environment - open enough for manoeuvring but with plenty of cover and objectives for game play.

Industrial City Boards #1

An ingenious collection of found items has been used to construct it, and it is in modular sections. Best of all, if you can get to Tim's store then you might even be able to game on it! The the building part began by drawing out a rough sketch of the set-up to ensure there was both cover and open areas for lines of fire. The terrain was being made for a 6'x6' table. Wanting 6" wide roads I decided to build the corner pieces 1' 1/2" x 1' 1/2", the edge pieces are 2' x 1' 1/2", and the center is 2' x 2' area. This allows me some movement of the terrain if needed fitting the pieces together almost like a puzzle. The bases are made of 1/4" hardwood for stability.

Industrial City Boards #1The first piece was the landing pad which I constructed based on the landing pad featured on the TerraGenesis site. The extra pad area was made using PVC pipe and half of an electrical wire coil dispenser. The fence area is made with wire mesh and lollypop sticks Bulkheads and various bits were used to make the adjoining building.

The factory (top left corner of the first picture) was made with necromunda bulk heads, foam board, corrugated cardboard, and model sprues. The catwalk was decorated with Chaos spikey bits from the Land Raider which I used as terrain. I measured out side with the bulk heads first then built the rest of the factory around it. The fourth wall (on the opposite side) is not completed so models could be moved around on the inside.

Industrial City Boards #1The water plant was made with cardboard, balsa wood towers, and medal models from Chronopia as the statues. The water was made with resin, the first level had Citadel Flesh Wash mixed in to give it the dirty water effect. After this had dried I poured a second clear mix over it to give the impression that chemicals heaver than the water were floating somewhere beneath the surface.

Industrial City Boards #1The rest of the terrain was made using various junk bits such as mailing tubes, balsa wood, more bulkheads, 40k ruins, and plastic Christmas ornaments. Coke cans were used for tanks, model bits and half the Christmas ornaments were used to give them a more tank like appearance.

Industrial City Boards #1The one piece that attracts attention is the Darth Maul. I wanted an Inquisitor looking statue in the city, so I glued Maul to a pedestal and then painted him like the other terrain.

Industrial City Boards #1In painting I decided to go with a simple colour scheme that could easily be duplicated if anything was broken and needed to be repaired. I started with a black spray, followed by a grey mist. A rust colour was then sprayed in a sweeping fashion, this was lastly followed by a sandy colour spayed lightly to give some highlights.

Industrial City Boards #1 Industrial City Boards #1

I hope this helps, if anyone wants to know more they can contact me by email at [link=mailto:tskipper@ala.net|tskipper@ala.net].

Those that live in the south of the US can see the terrain. Our store Knight Vigil Comics and Games located in Dothan, Al and is open Mon - Sat.

Updated: September 2001

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