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Necromunda board

by Nick Jacos

Necromunda boardNick Jakos has created a superb multi-level Necromunda board. We hope to bring you fuller construction details of Nick's board soon. In the meantime, feast on these superb photographs.

Nick, behind the massive tower. The tower was made from PVC pipes and fittings, copper plumbing bits and foam core.

Necromunda board Necromunda board

This picture is of the bunkers Nick makes as a staple for his settlements. These bunkers are made from the blue electric outlet boxes from DIY stores, just cutting the wings off and adding whatever you have around.
Necromunda boardThis is one of the completed bunkers from the front, but you also get a good view of one of the large platforms. The bunkers stand one Necro level high, 3 inches, while the platform in the background is three levels, 9 inches.

Necromunda boardThis is the largest structure Nick has on his boards for right now. While there is one other tower built and a few others in mid-construction, this one is the current tallest and his favorite.

The lowest level of the tower with the copper conduits running from the ceiling into the main structure:

Necromunda board

Necromunda board

This is the top of the tower. From here, the players can see almost everything, as the peak of the tower is a staggering 26 inches tall.

Necromunda board

The upper level of the tower, where the conduits from before, peak up from the floor and meet up again with the main structure.

Necromunda board Necromunda board Necromunda board Necromunda board Necromunda board

Updated: August 2002

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