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Modular Necromunda Board

by Todd Peters

Todd has created a very versatile modular Necromunda table, ingeniously incorporating a wide variety of found items.

Modular Necromunda Board

This set is made up of four 2'x2' (600mm x 600mm) sections mounted on plywood. The boards are reinforced with 1"x2" (25mm x 50mm) wood beams around the outside.

On one of the boards I reinforced the top edges so as to have a recessed area in the center. Thought it would fit well with the jumbled Underhive architecture.

I used every bit of manufactured-looking bits that were not (hopefully) easily identifiable as what they were.

Modular Necromunda Board Modular Necromunda Board

Interestingly, I ended up using one of those plastic electric boxes that Nick Jakos uses for some of the buildings on his board I saw them on TerraGenesis.

Great minds think alike, eh?

I used some sections of 2.5" (25mm) PVC pipe which are large enough for 1/36th scale models to fit through and I'm pretty happy with the results.

The largest tower on the board is a DVD tower (centre distance in the picture below).

Modular Necromunda Board Modular Necromunda Board

I removed 4 out of 5 slots to create a 7 storey frame (good idea - these things are often very cheap - Gary). Ladders, stairs, and pipes allow minis to traverse up and down.

I also used a number of old Matchbox and Hotwheels kits for some of the buildings and bits. Even new, those things are still usually under $15.

The ground on parts of most of the boards is made up of a patchwork of chopped up keyboards, stereo housings, CD burner cases, toolbox lids, and laptop pieces to fit with the feel of being inside a monstrous man-made structure.

Modular Necromunda Board

The other parts of the ground is covered with sand drybrushed grey and white for that drifted ash look.

Modular Necromunda Board

A sludge lake dominates one of the boards. It's made with Woodland Scenics Realistic Water mixed with red and yellow paint only lightly mixed to retain swirls of color. The lake has three crossing points, which is also how many access points most buildings and roofs have. I like the boards to be playable.

Modular Necromunda BoardModular Necromunda BoardModular Necromunda BoardModular Necromunda Board

Click on the pictures above for a larger version.

Updated: November 2003

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