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Gothic City Building

Gothic City BuildingThis review of the Gothic City Building from the series Museum Models by Pegasus Hobbies was written by Kaare Myltoft. The review kit was purchased in London in April 2006 at a cost of GBP 16.95

The kit is of the snap together variety and in the box you will find parts to contruct:

  1. 6 windows sections

  2. 6 wall sections

  3. 6 double length window sections

  4. 1 gate section

The images below show the various section types with a ruler to show dimensions (click the images to see a larger version).

Window SectionsWall SectionsDouble Length Wall SectionsGate Section

Initial construction of the individual sections requires you to attach half of the pillar, which has been cast separately. The gate can be mounted to be able to swing open. After that, the various sections can be assembled in a variety of configurations.

I haven't got around to building anything yet, so I can't show off any final result, but I've made a test run for the project I have in mind: a ruined convent for my Sisters of Battle army. This assembly (shown below) uses the whole set except 2 double and a 1 single window sections.

Gothic City Building

The wall and window sections have been made so that one side has two large arches while the other side has four smaller ones (see the images linked from the list above). When constructing your building you may choose which is to be on the outside. The kit also includes accessory sprues with lanterns, torches, gargoyles and neutral plugs to fit in the slots that are exposed after assembling the building.

You get nothing in the way of floors, roofs or ceilings, but this can easily be remedied with foamboard or plasticard. If you want to keep the whole thing so it can be taken apart for storage, you can use the tabs on the upper surface to mount the floors.

All parts are cast in hard, dark grey plastic which is nice and clean and requires very little work before assembly. The detailing is excellent and crisp and absolutely "unbiased"; that is no Adeptus whatever-symbols, just neutral ornamentation, which will fit into any context.

The wall sections are cast in a heavy quality, which will stand up to the every day wear and tear; in fact I don't think, that a knife can be used to convert this kit. A pair of clippers or a saw will be necessary.

All in all: This kit is good value for your money.

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