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Tyranid Reclamation Pool

Tyranid Reclamation PoolThis gory looking pool was created by Wiz and the idea behind it is that the pool is filled with digestive fluids in which all biomatter is dumped during the consumption of a planet. The biomatter is then digested into a rich sludge waiting to be transferred to the hiveships in orbit for later use. Of course the pool is impassable because any troops or vehicles entering the pool would face a grisly fate. Wiz tells us how it was done:

The starting point for the piece was to hot glue an old power cord to a base cut from 3mm MDF. I can recommend this method because it proved to be very easy and fast. Wall filler was then applied to turn the cord into the banks of the pool.

Tyranid Reclamation Pool Tyranid Reclamation Pool

Tyranid Reclamation PoolNow for the fun part:

First I applied some sand and rocks to get the basic texture. Then I added the various additional details.

The image to the right shows the pool with all of the additional details in place however the PVA glue is still wet and showing as a white liquid. This would eventually dry clear.

The detailing parts include bits from tyranid sprues, a few skeletons, peanut shells, seeds and mosses. The white string like material is Spanish Moss (thanks to Hank Cowdog putting a name to it), and is sold for use in dried flower arrangements.

The next step was to paint it and this began with an overall coat of grey followed by a drybrushing with white. Ink washes were then applied followed by a final drybrushing of Rotting Flesh.

The final step was to tint some resin with a little green ink and pour it into the hollow. A little red colouration emerged from some of the the moss as the resin cured, despite it having been painted, however I think it looks fine.

Tyranid Reclamation Pool Tyranid Reclamation Pool

Tyranid Reclamation Pool

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