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Flexible Mixing Bowl

by Andy Slater

Flexible Mixing BowlIf you've just taken a sip of coffee, or any other drink, please swallow it before reading on.

Done that?


You see I didn't want you to spit coffee all over your computer when I tell you that I paid 1.30 UKP for the mixing bowl that you see in the image to the right. Why? Well over the years I've used yoghurt pots, milk cartons, and all the usual salvage from the kitchen waste bin but then I saw this, decided to give it a try, and these days I wouldn't want to use anything else.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and although there are words of explanation to follow, the images below pretty much give the game away:

Flexible Mixing Bowl Flexible Mixing Bowl

As you can see, because it's made of rubber you can squeeze it as I'm doing in the first image to give yourself a point from which you can easily pour the contents. That same flexibility also makes it really easy to clean. Simply allow any residual plaster to dry (you do know not to rinse plaster down the sink don't you?), and then flex the bowl. The dry plaster cracks and flakes off and you just tip it out. A quick wipe with a piece of dry kitchen paper removes the last bits of dust and you're ready for the next session.

That nice wide top also makes it easy to sprinkle in the plaster.

I got mine from Hobby's and if you're into casting plaster this represents money well spent.

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