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Bottles, Pots & Urns

Bottles, Pots & UrnsBottles and pots such as those shown in the image to the right (made by Abaroth of Abaroth's World, are an item of clutter that can be relatively simple to make however modellers often succumb to the temptation to try to make them functionally similar to the real thing i.e. to make hollow pots out of clay and to make bottles out of materials that are clear. Both of these are usually unnecessary. In the following article, Abaroth shows us how to make solid pots from wood (painting a black circle on the top gives the impression that they are hollow), and the discarded bottle in the image below (made by jedion357) was made from clay and only appears to be translucent because it's received multiple coats of ink.

Bottles, Pots & Urns

Bottles, Pots & UrnsThe bottles in the image to the right were made by Abaroth using beads. The key thing here it to obtain a suitable collection of beads and to an extent it's a case of keeping your eyes open when you visit craft stores until you get lucky. Clear beads will provide the greatest flexibility as you can coat them with ink to make coloured bottles or paint them to make pots.

Having obtained suitable beads, the technique is to thread them onto a pin in a combination that looks like a bottle. Then applying a drop of neat gloss varnish or PVA to the beads, making sure that you get plenty into the joints. Once the varnish/PVA is dry, you can simply slide the bottle off the pin. Alternatively, you can leave the head of the pin as a cap or stopper for the bottle and simply snip off the pin.

WARNING: The pin will tend to fly when you snip it so take appropriate precautions.

Bottles, Pots & UrnsAbaroth also makes pots and urns like the ones shown to the left using a drill as a makeshift lathe. His technique is to insert a short length of 1/4" wooden dowel into the chuck of his drill and, with the drill on a fast speed, used a needle file to shape the wood. Finish off with fine sandpaper, remove the dowel, and carefully cut it to length using a fine saw. Note how Abaroth has shaped the dowel (2nd of the three images below), so that there is a 'notch' where the saw cuts need to be made.

WARNING: You're going to want to get fairly close in to this to see what you're doing. We don't really need to remind you to wear eye protection do we?

Bottles, Pots & Urns

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