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Constructo Boat Fittings

by Andy Slater

If you've read my review of Hirst Arts moulds my interpretation of the Wizard's Tower (below) will already be familiar to you, however in this review I want to draw your attention to the Constructo boat fittings sitting on the top.

Constructo Boat Fittings

My Wizards Tower employs Constructo cannon (three different types actually) and some Constructo barrels (although these have been modified as I will describe below). There are a large number of items in the Constructo range and although many of them may be of little use to terrain makers, they are after all a range of fittings for boat builders, I have also made good use of their chains, rigging threads, and a few other items that I'll list below. First however, I'd like to say a little more about the cannon and barrels.

Constructo Cannon

The image below shows the same three cannon that appear in the previous image and they are, from left to right, Constructo part numbers 80090, 80091 and 80092.

Constructo Boat Fittings

They are supplied in kit form, in packs of two, and construction is relatively straightforward. It's worth noting that I have not painted them and that the wood and brass is as supplied. There are other guns in the Constructo range and you can buy the brass gun barrels and carriages separately. However I reckon that the three kits that I've shown are probably the most useful for our purposes.

Constructo Barrels

Constructo Boat FittingsThe image to the right shows a number of Constructo barrels, part number 80024. To the left of the image they are shown in their raw state while the ones on the right have been enhanced by painting with Vallejo paint, adding rings made from solder, and applying an ink wash.

The barrels come in packs of five and Constructo also produce a larger version, however I reckon that these are the best size for our purposes and I've included a Games Workshop Bretonnian Bowman as an illustration.

Chains and Threads

I get my Constructo boat fittings from Hobby's and they stock 2 sizes of Constructo brass chain and 4 sizes/colours of rigging thread:

Constructo Boat Fittings

They are, from left to right:

80026 - Brass Chain - links are approx 1.5mm x 2.5mm

80027 - Brass Chain - links are approx 2.5mm x 3mm

80060 - 0.25mm Beige Thread

80061 - 0.5mm Beige Thread

80063 - 0.5mm Brown Thread

80064 - 0.75mm Brown Thread

I keep all of those in stock but alas I don't have any really good pictures to illustrate what I've used them for. The threads are of course intended to look like ropes so use them anywhere that you need ropes such as rope ladders and bridges, wells, even as simple coils of rope in storerooms and the like. As for the chain, well, use your imagination.

Constructo Boat FittingsThe Cloudbuster model (right) that I built for my mad scientists castle/dungeon uses thread and chain. The thread (80063) is easy to spot as I used it to create the overhead wiring which is supposed to be the really old cloth wrapped stuff. You're unlikely to spot the chain (80026) until I tell you that I only used single links of the stuff on this model, split open to make the claw hands of the robot.

Other Constructo Items

My Cloudbuster also uses another constructo item but once again, you're unlikely to spot it. See the coil that channels the overhead wiring? It's attached to the arm with a little loop? That's a Constructo "Brass Eyebolt (80020) inserted into a hole drilled into the end of the (matchstick) beam.

There are other items from the range that I've used on other terrain pieces including buckets, brass wire, blocks, belaying pins and even the occasional ships wheel. Clearly some of the Contructo parts are more useful than others but the bottom line is that I suggest you take a trip over to Hobby's website and/or have a look around the boat building section of your local model shop next time you are in there. There are lots of items that boat builders use that we terrain makers can employ and the first step is simply to make yourself familiar with what's available.

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