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Terrain Thralls

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+1Another link that doesn't seem to work from the title but the site is there. And it still remains an excellent source of inspiration since first reviewed. But it may not have been added to recently.TheDreamer04 Oct 2014
+1Outstanding content, particularly the step-by-step walkthroughs. It's a bit obscure how projects are divided into skill categories, but that's no big deal. welcome.aspx is still broken; use http://www.terrainthralls.com/ instead.Ferox15 Mar 2011
+1This site is still going strong with great tutorials for all levels and inspiring terrain. If the link don't work just erasze the last part, leaving only http://www.terrainthralls.comhavre09 Mar 2011
+1Love this site, lots of inspiration, and great step by step how-to stuff.TheRat09 Jul 2010
+1great tutorials and first class inspiration sourcekython30 May 2010
+1Very nice site with detailed build tutorials. Sorted by skill. They often provide a budget of what the piece cost to put together as well.Hank Cowdog22 Feb 2010
+1Awesome! The tutorials are especially awesome, the layout and the content. Knowing some of the contributors is helpful, too, when you need more info about a technique.PTI:TS05 Nov 2008
+1very easy navigation, great inspiration pics, definatly a very helpful sitezulu30 Oct 2008
+1This is an excellent site. A lot of varied information on terrain building techniques and some fabulous showcases to inspire everyone who builds.Phil05 Aug 2008
+1The tutorials are very thorough and will teach techniques useful for any game.Tob04 Aug 2008
+1This is a great site with nice tutorials. I like that they separate the projects by skill level.littlemonk29 Jul 2008
+1I first became aware of this site due to the 'companion piece' competition and have since spent many hours there. The site is filled with awesome inspiration from many great modelers and the how-to articles are very well written.khain1324 Jul 2008
+1I found a few pieces on there that are great inspiration. The tutorials are handy, and I like that they are split up into categories.dragonflies703307 Jul 2008
+1Very detailed tutorials for different skill levels. You can tell they put a lot of time into both their terrain and their tutorials.Ashton28 Jun 2008
+1Some of the best terrain on the web, and with great tutorials too.Caleb14 Jun 2008
+1Please note that you do not have to become a member of the site to view pictures. You can search by creator or skill level. We will all respond to questions asked eagerly so ask away! Most members have a TThrall e-mail (I am a member and contributTheBugKing06 Jun 2008
+1Phenomenal examples of work no matter what your level of craftsmanship may be. Website is easy to navigate. My only complaint (all be it very minor) is that you have to be a member to see pictures posted in the forum.judge_dredd06 Jun 2008
+1Great examples of terrain and how to build it, even better if you're a Warmachine player.atomsmasher05 Jun 2008
+1Clean Site Design, Wonderful Terrain, Excellet Tutorials. The tutorials are divided up by difficulty, include a detailed list of the tools/materials used, have lots of pictures and detailed steps. Several also include templates to make your own.dragone6902 Jun 2008
+1Beautiful terrain, good tutorials. I like the use of beginner, intermediate and masterclass sections.sergeant_t30 May 2008

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